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Debbie is a Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist.
Debbie is a member of the Animal Rehabilitation Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Learn more ...

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Canine Physical Rehabilitation and Wellness

These are terms that imply the application of physical therapy assessment and treatment techniques to our canine companions. In the human field, physical therapists are key members of health care teams, dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of motion, strength, endurance and function. Evaluation and treatment goals also include education, pain relief, injury prevention and the achievement of optimal potential and quality of life.

Are you looking for any of the following?

  • A thorough examination of your dog from head to tail?
  • Post operative care, guidance, advice and support?
  • Management of your dog's existing condition (such as arthritis, dysplasia, muscle or ligament sprains, gait abnormalities, spinal or other neurological issues)?
  • A plan to treat your dog's condition that includes what you can be doing at home?
  • Treatments with modalities (if clinically indicated) such as laser therapy (for pain, inflammation, fracture or wound healing), acustimulation, electrical muscle stimulation?
  • Weight loss management?

Animal physical rehabilitation assessments or treatments are never undertaken without prior consultation with your veterinarian.

What should you expect?

  • A full 1.5 hour rehabilitation assessment, treatment and written home programme
  • Your veterinarian will be contacted to request a referral and relevant medical history. He or she will be updated on assessment findings, treatment plan and your dog's progress.

Your dog will benefit from a Canine Rehabilitation evaluation!

Consultation in your home is available

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